Advice from the Barton Neighbourhood policing team on crime prevention.

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By BartonLady | Sunday, July 03, 2011, 15:02

After a meeting with Sgt David Burton and PC Lee Fuller,

of the neighbourhood police team, they have highlighted a few things that

residents of Barton can do to prevent themselves becoming the victims of crime.

Lead Thefts

As many residents will be aware, the removal of lead from

property has increased over the last few weeks; this is a direct result of the

dramatic rise in the cost of lead. Many residents only find out that the lead

has been removed when it starts raining and water is leaking inside the

building. When they report the crime many residents don't know when the theft

took place. This then makes it difficult for the police to tie crimes to any

removed lead found at scrap yards or in thieves' procession. Sgt Burton and PC

Fuller would like all residents and companies, who have lead on their building,

to make a daily check that the lead is still in place. Any thefts should then

be reported immediately.

Ensure that all ladders are stored securely, preferably

locked away from view; if this isn't possible, lock them securely to immovable

object. Be aware of ladders being carried late at night or at unusual times. To

reach the lead on buildings a ladder is essential, report anything unusual to

the police on 0845 60 60 222 or if a crime is in progress 999.

Cold Callers

In the Humberside police area an increased number of cold

callers are operating in the area. These cold callers are preying on the

vulnerable and unwary. The type of services on offer include:-

 Official Documents


offering to write wills and other official documents, these documents are

poorly written and in some cases not legal. The cost charged will be far

greater than using a local solicitor.

Gardening and Landscape Services


people offer to do gardening, trim hedges or cut down trees. Many are uninsured

for any damage caused by the trees being badly felled. They also add on to the

price quoted for example the removal of rubbish.

These companies once they have undertaken the work charge

exorbitant fees for the service. PC Fuller advises;

"Before using anyone offering these types of services,

get a written quote stating exactly what work is to be undertaken, what the

total cost is going to be and don't pay in advance. Ensure that you get an

additional written quote for any additional work that is suggested once work

has been started."

"Ask for an address you can check and a landline

telephone number"

"Get other quotes for comparison and ask all companies

for references from people they have completed work for."

If you can't find the company in a local directory,

locate the address given, or only have a mobile telephone number don't use


Selling pre payment credit


with a prepayment meter should not pay for any credit that a cold caller that

offers or has put credit on your meter. You are paying a con merchant for

credit that you will be charged again for when the meter is read. No utility

company has a doorstep credit service. Pre payment credit is only available

from authorised outlets.

Property Security.

       With the

increase in temperature it's very easy to leave property vulnerable to crime.

An opportunist thief can use that open window or door to gain access to your

home. Even when the property is occupied be aware of the vulnerable points of

your home, don't give the thief a chance. Remember to close and lock all

windows and doors when you leave your home. Don't think that because a window

is only open a tiny bit its safe! If you can get a hand in, so can a thief!

Think about your property in the garden. Don't leave

valuable garden furniture unsecured or expensive BBQ's. Put them away when they

are not in use, or ensure that they are secured. Teach children not to leave

their bikes in a vulnerable position while they are playing. Try to make sure

that the access to your garden is secure. Don't give the opportunists the


The police would like to hear of anything suspicious and

can be contacted on 0845 60 60 222. If you witness a crime in progress please

call 999.



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    Talking to many Bartonians over the weekend I've heard about various crimes varying from shotgun incidents to minor thefts from back gardens occurring over the past month . One thing is for sure though that all of these decent members of society were feeling less comfortable in their town. Most of the people I talked too blamed the so called gypsies whose number seems to be increasing in barton again. What I would like to know is are there any statistics available that show a direct link between the increase in crime in the area and the rise and fall of travellers. I have my thoughts but would like to substantiate them.

    By Welchie at 12:05 on 04/07/11

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